of North Hamilton Kindergarten

  1. Each child’s learning and development is enhanced by stimulating and engaging program which is planned and delivered by educators using the National and Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Frameworks.
  2. The kindergarten is set in an environment that is welcoming, clean, caring healthy and secure, which supports the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of all children.
  3. The kindergarten environment provides opportunities for children to be competent and independent learners.
  4. We aim to provide a physical environment that is safe inviting and inclusive of all children’s needs.
  5. Stewardship of the world around us is our responsibility and we encourage sustainable practices by all who use the kindergarten.
  6. Staff should be professional, ethical and respectful in their interactions with children as well as being passionate about educating them.
  7. Staff should be encouraged to continually develop their own knowledge, skills and abilities.
  8. Children need opportunities to interact with each other and the adults in the environment so they can develop respectful and trusting relationships and a sense of belonging.
  9. The dignity and rights of all children should be respected at all times regardless of ability, gender, family circumstance, learning styles or cultural diversity.
  10. Families and educators form a collaborative partnership in the education of each child.
  11. Families of all cultural and social backgrounds in our kindergarten should be embraced and seen as an essential factor in the successful delivery of the kindergarten program.
  12. The Committee of Management should support and guide educators in the ongoing viability of the service and be dedicated to continual improvement of its delivery.
NHK Parent Handbook